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Cyclical, because of the fundamental philosophy in replication. Like generational life cycles. Appropriate evangelism – sometimes saturation evangelism may be the appropriate evangelism. Sometimes it must be a completely different type of evangelism.

Discipleship – Discovery Bible Study. Basics of Christian faith. They can begin to tell the stories/lessons they are learning to their community even before they become believers.

Making Disciple Makers – from the beginning.

Quickly these new groups of believers become churches.

From day one their job as a Christian is to “make disciples.” They move into their oikos/communities and start new groups, leading to new churches. These churches are then out meeting the needs of the people around them. Every church should be meeting the needs of the community around them – because that’s what Christians should do, because that’s how they will connect with others.

Then, some become missionaries. Some get job transfer. Instead of “finding a new church” they can “start a new church.”

Churches starting churches – usually an individual starts the new church but the impetus comes from the church.

These cycles should go on at every level. The leaders job is to continue to put energy into this process, to keep it moving. The focus in not on quality, it is on doing it and learning it “on the job.”
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