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How could eight million people be hard to find?

Well, imagine you want to visit each of the 400 cities of Florida. You'll need a map, a vehicle and some time. Now, think about visiting not 400, but 15,000 villages in an area just slightly larger than Florida.
Islands Mission

The only thing is…

They're hidden in dense rainforest, crisscrossed with rivers.

Hundreds of them don't appear on any map.

Many are only accessed by helicopter or four wheel drive vehicle

You want to do more than visit. You want to see communities, steeped in generations of witchcraft, superstition and animistic religion become faithful followers of Jesus!

It sounds immense, but Dinah took on the challenge!

Islands Mission History

A timeline into Islands Mission history over the years

He started with prayer…and obedience.

He and his family spread out a map and prayed daily for each village, name by name. They found 60 “Persons of Peace” from various villages and started training them over the course of three years. Once these people came to faith in Christ, the focus on church planting began. Forty church planters were sent out and after four years, there were 40 churches in 40 villages.

Second generation churches are launched.

These new churches were mobilized to reach neighbouring villages. Growth and progress was slow because there were no funds, but by the end of 2003, there were 80 churches in existence.

He mapped the rainforest.

There were still hundreds more villages that didn't show up on their map. What about them? The answer came with a Global Positioning System (GPS) unit. Dinah got a group of illiterate rain-forest residents to use this hi-tech piece of equipment to find and electronically register village locations.

This gave the team new vision and by the end of 2006, they planted 200 churches in previously unknown villages. By the end of 2008, the teams had mapped 1,300 villages in the rain forests. By now, the teams had more data on the villages than the government of Madagascar and by the end of 2009, there were 600 churches in existence.

Dinah is given a simple strategy.

At this point, Dinah implemented a strategic “Disciple Making Movements.” There he knew that churches could multiply naturally. The way to see his vision realized was not simply to make disciples, but to make disciples who will become disciple-makers.

This led to a new level of growth and by May 2011, the movement had grown to 1,350 churches. Has led to more exponential growth.
Islands Mission
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