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Jan 20, 2020

Project Bible translation to all minority dialects language in Madagascar and rainforest.

Project Bible translation to all minority dialects language in Madagascar and rainforest.

Translation Gateway Language Plateau Malagasy.

W.A has been working with Islands Mission since March 2016, when their leaders heard Regional Director Al Hawthorne speak at a MANI conference in Ethiopia and approached Dinah Ratsimbajaona about a partnership. Dinah formed 20 local Malagasy translators qualified with degrees in English and Malagasy languages in Madagascar.

It is determined that Other dialects Language translations on the island would require a Gateway Language project. That Gateway Language, Plateau Malagasy, now has a New Testament and the Old Testament translation work plans until September 2019 for completion.

Islands Mission

This will open up many other languages and dialects to translation. Pastors from the rainforest and different regions whom Islands Mission met with in November last year are eager to get started, with several MAST events planned for this year.

MAST (Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation) MAST is a collaborative translation method which enables teams of national translators to translate books of the Bible simultaneously and at a faster pace. With MAST, the entire Bible can be accurately translated faster than ever before.

Islands Mission

Based on proven linguistics principles, MAST engages national translators and local church leaders in the drafting and checking process. Checking takes places continually throughout the translation process, greatly increasing the accuracy of the final translation. MAST can be used even with small groups of believers in the most remote locations

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