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Jan 20, 2020

Discovery Bible Study and Community Bible Study in every villages in Madagascar & Comoros.

Discovery Bible Study and Community Bible Study in every villages in Madagascar & Comoros.

The reports from our leader's coordinators field ministry IM team, that we are reaching 1,000 people monthly in total that have been disciplined with the program Bibles Study and received scriptures (Bibles).

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Yet we should reach more, and at list to start 200 Bible study groups monthly (we can not do this without text Bibles and Audio Bible for illiterate, blind and oddly people)

People cannot afford to buy their own Bible for 5 USD, it is very expensive for them, and it is not available outside the city. 

As they said; Christians in Madagascar only have a Bible every 10 people! Discovery Bible Study is a simple but very powerful discipleship process centred on opening the Bible with someone who doesn’t yet follow Jesus. It is sometimes so simple that people walk by it and miss its power – yet thousands of churches have been planted using this methodology. 

A session begins with prayer and thanksgiving. The Bible is at the centre – the disciple is empowered to discover the truth in God’s Word for themselves, rather than being taught by the leader.

The disciple commits to apply and share what they are learning. In most situations, it is best to start a group with two or three (or more) people – reaching a community, not just an individual. Jesus disciples people in groups, and it is the best way to learn. The group also has the power of accountability and multiplication. The focus is on discipling pre-Christians by allowing them to discover God’s Word for themselves, rather than trying to get people ‘saved’ upfront (usually by saying the sinner’s prayer) and then discipling them. It takes time; we are not in a hurry. In this process, we let people discover God’s story, the big picture.

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